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Delivery Information

Our expert shoppers will spare neither effort nor time to get the goods you request. However, this is a resort area and sometimes certain items are just not available. This means that occasionally we have to substitute a brand name or a size for a suitable equivalent.

We do not keep a stock of any groceries, everything is bought fresh according to your personal choice. This means none of the items are returnable if not used. So please make your selections carefully.

Delivery Times

Deliveries will be made the day of arrival between the hours of 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM. Every effort will be made to complete deliveries by the time you check in. Everything will be placed securely inside your vacation home, and kept fresh and cold in appropriate packaging until your arrival. We work with the best Real Estate Companies in this area to assure you quality and service.

Get GO Grocer always offers RED CARPET, FIVE STAR SERVICE to make this your most memorable vacation ever, right from the start.

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